Specifications - 20 Tube Solar Thermal Panel

Length/Width/Height: 6 ft 8 in by 6ft by 6 in, lying flat on roof (202 by183 by 16 cm)
Weight dry, no frame: 170 lb (77 kg)
Gross Collector Area: 3.5 square meters (38 square feet)
Aperture Area: 22 square feet (2 square meters)
Test Pressure: 1103 kPa (160 psi)
Pipe connection size: 2.54 cm (1 inch)
Tube size (Copper heat pipe inside glass): 58mm by 1800 mm (2.3 inch by 70.9 inch)
Fluid Capacity inside collector: 1.6 liter (0.4 gallon)
SRCC measured efficiency: 0.406 Y intercept, 1.75 Watts per square meter Celcius slope
Energy gain per year: 525 kiloWatt hours (kW-hr) under standard conditions Per square meter collector

SRCC Evaluation:

 20-evacuated tube heat pipe collector TZ58/1800-20R, SRCC certified:

Heat Loss: (a1): 1.529W/m2 K (.269 (Btu/h)/ft2/F)
Heat Loss: (a2): 0.0166W/m2 K2 (.003 (Btu/h)/ft2/F)
Stagnation Temp: 200.3 C (392F)
Volume of Water In Header: 0.188 Gallons (.71L)
Pressure Drop Per collector: 1.5 PSI
Recommended Flow: 1-1.5GPM
Aperture Area: 1.720 m x 0.0544 m x (# of tubes )= 1.871 (for 20 tube)
Absorber Area: 1.720 m x 0.0470 x (#of tubes) = 1.6168 (for 20 tube)
Distance Between Tubes 7.8cm or 3"
Insulation In Header: polyurethane and mineral wool
Header Material: Aluminum
Fluid Operating Pressure:: 87 psi
Maximum Service Temperature: 95C (203F)
Length (nominal): 1800mm (70")
Outer tube diameter : 58mm (2.2")
Inner tube diameter: 47mm (2.1")
Glass thickness: 1.6mm (0.1")
Thermal expansion: 3.3x10-6 oC
Material: Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive Coating: Cu/AL/SS/N2
Transmission Through Glass: >92% (AM1.5)
Absorptivity Coefficient: > 94%
Emittance: < 7%
Vacuum: P<5x10-4 Pa
BTU Output Per Day (standard) 29,000 BTU
Manifold connection: 1" male threaded
Unit Dimensions: 5.7ft W x 6.7ft H
Average system Efficiency: 71%
Estimated Lifespan 25-30 Years
Weight (tubes with frame): 174 lbs