Electric Water Heater with Electronic Thermostat Controller.

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No moving parts
Keeps water at program temperature

Electronic thermostat controller turns on electric backup heater if water temperature drops below the desired level. Timer can also be set to heat water at particular time, for example, making sure the water is hot in the morning. Includes, alarms, timers, other control output options. Package includes electric backup heater and electronic solar water heater controller with temperature probe. Heater fits inside solar tanks. Controller is multi functional, able to accept pressure and temperature inputs. Controller can turn on electrical heating to prevent freeze up and control pumps. For example, if a solar system needs freeze protection, the heater element can be
programmed to be turned on if water temperature comes close to freezing.

Includes electronic control box, electric cord, temperature probe and electric resistance heater element. Heater element has  waterproof end plate designed to fit inside hot water tank. Works with solar water heater systems as electric backup heat. A temperature probe inside the heater element senses the water temperature inside the water tank. 

Functions in automatic and manual modes, protected against short-circuits, over-current and current leakage. Electric cord has adapter for various voltages along with fuse protection. Controller can be set from 30°C to 80°C.  

controller heater box
solar backup electric heater
solar backup electric heater
solar backup electric heater
solar backup electric heater